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It was the first day of summer 2002 when I happened upon the Adoption.Com web site and began searching.  I had registered in several areas, but this was the first search that proved fruitful.  Finally, 30 years of longing and looking culminated into something tangible.  I found Profile #136213 and the date and place were right for the son I had placed for adoption in December 1971.  The last time I had seen his precious face, I was sixteen and alone at Tampa General Hospital .  He was only 12 hours old as I kissed him good bye and prayed that I would someday see him again.  The devastation I felt at leaving him there never left me.  Birthmothers truly never forget.  I have had no other children.  


I emailed the address in the profile.  That night, I kept checking my email all night long.  By midnight , I had a response.  Within a few hours, we were chatting by telephone.  We talked until we were hoarse, almost until the sun came up.  He shared his non-identifying information with me, and I was certain I had found him.


In July 2002, my sonís adoptive mother came to Florida , and we met for lunch. It was like meeting an old friend, only one I had not met before.   I requested she help us obtain his original birth certificate, and she and his adoptive father agreed.


With the help of  information I received from Finding-in-Florida, our triad requested the original birth certificate from the State of Florida .  In August, we had the original birth certificate in hand.   It was true, God had honored my prayer.  I had found my son!

In the fall, our lives came full circle from the time when a young couple had looked to my son's arrival in Tampa with a hopeful expectation.  Now, almost 31 years later, another couple awaited him again in Tampa , with the same joyful anticipation.   On September 26, 2002 , my husband and I were privileged to meet this wonderful man face-to-face when we invited him and his wife on a cruise to Mexico .  The trip was a dream come true.  

We spent our first Christmas together this year (Christmas 2003).  My husband and I had never experienced having "kids" in the house to open presents on Christmas day.  I can't put into words how delightful the experience was.  In fact, each meeting with him touches me on levels so deep that I can barely comprehend, or communicate what I feel. 

Anne, reunited with Rod June 2002