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I would very much like to see Florida ratify a 44 year old United States Supreme Court Ruling (passed in 1959-"The search for Anna Fisher") allowing adoptees to have their birth records upon legal age. I am currently searching for my birth parents but it is not easy. I did, however, learn that my birthmom is alive and not living in Florida and I have an Uncle and cousin. Catholic Charities will not tell me anything else and I have my doubts about whether what they tell me is truth!  Anyhow...

I was born in St Petersburg on December 21st, 1959 yet the birth certificate reads 12-28-58 as date received by the registrar. My adopted dad swears I was only 5 months old so that may be a typo. My adoptive parents were one of the first military families (Coast Guard) allowed to adopt a child through Catholic Charities. I was placed in May of 1960 and adoption was finalized a year later.  According to my adopted mom (now deceased) I was in foster care from birth until placement. As to hospital, not sure. 

Bittenbender was the attorney, Florence Crittenden Home is where my birthmom stayed, they say...Beats me. 

As far as the father is concerned, according to Catholic Charities he is not listed so he may not even know I exist! He has a right to know also!!

I am searching for my birthmom because I need to feel whole. I need to know if there are mental defects inherited in the family.  (Mental illness such as bi-polar disorder, chronic depression, oppositional defiance, etc), health disorders such as diabetes, cancers, glaucoma, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, thyroid disorder etc. My son and I both suffer from mental health disorders and I have Hyperthyroidism (Grave's Disease), we are both above average intelligence and look alike -- where does it come from? I would really like to know.

If there is a way to see my birth records - the REAL thing - then I am all  for it. This is very important, not just to me but to others out there who are NON-PEOPLE...no identity, no history, no past, no ancestors, no one that is THEIR FAMILY!!

Charlotte Lucier