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My Search

My soul called to her from the highest peaks
And lowest valleys of my life.
I went in search for her like a thirsty hind
Seeking water in desert places.

As a man marooned on a desert island
Longs for company, so my heart longs for her.
I am like a man who looks in the mirror,
Yet sees no reflection.

I have become like the dry earth
Dying to feel - -
The freshness of the rain
From heaven on her face.

If I could ask of God for wings,
I would fly to her.
If I could cry an ocean of tears,
I would swim to her.

If I were not imprisoned
By this cursed distance;
I would be - -
Right by her side

O' the wretch that I am
So complete in many ways,
Yet - -
Lacking in thus.

My heart, my soul pines away
For the absence of my mother
I have died a thousand deaths
Thinking of the chasm that separates.

I need her to throw me a lifeline - -
Before I am lost.
My heart is united,
But my being perishes

My heart aches to know her,
My eyes desire - -
With all desire,
To see her form.

As the earth is cold and lifeless
Without the sun;
So am I - -
Without her.

She is the fulfillment of my life,
She is the final piece of a puzzle
That make the picture of my life

By: Jim Jackson
Birthname James Duncan Begg