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I am Katherine Knott and I was adopted.  I was adopted by a family who then adopted 5 other children (all of us from different families)....the 1st 4 of us were adopted through The Children's Home Society in Miami and the last of us were adopted through "private adoptions"  Helen Tanos Hope handled 1 of those adoptions.....All her life my adopted sister Juli was curious about herself and her birth family..Juli was never a complete person and she had always wanted to know who she was.  Juli was lucky she had a copy of her final adoption decree and in it her "birth" last name was on it.  Her last name was so rare that she was able to put together the non-identifying info she got from Tallahasse with the name and was able to find her birth family.  The reunion was and has been a great success and my sister is now able to better understand herself and her heritage.
I however will never be that lucky unless my real birth certificate is released.  I was adopted through The Children's Home Society.  Yes they will release my non identifying info but not for free like the state of florida will but for $135.  This supposedly justifies the time it will take for someone to track down my file and zerox the info to be sent to me.  I have seen my final adoption decree on microfiche at the Miami-Dade Court House but of course all the names except the names of my adoptive parents are blacked out.  The only access I wouuld have to the real names would be to go before a judge and request the file be opened and the information released to me. 
I find it unfair that in a state that had sooooooooo many illegal adoption throughout the years before 1963 (i.e. The Cole Babies) that grown adoptees still find it so hard to get information on their "blood or birth" families.  I too have been curious about myself.  I too want to know who I am and how I came to be.  I wish not to condemn my birth mother but to commend her for a choice which I'm sure was hard but was the right thing to do.  She chose not to abort me, she chose to give me a chance that she might not have been able to give me.  She made a life altering decision that was good.  I in no way disrespect my adoptive father.  I love him and am glad he and my now passed adoptive mother "chose" me.  I just want to know who I am.  Where did I get my freckles from?  Where did I get my musical abilities from?  Unfortunately I may never know if I am unable to get any access to my records.
I was born 7/25/1964 probably at Mt Sinai Hospital, as i was born in Miami Beach, and given up for adoption and placed with a good family in Miami through The Children's Home Society.  I even know my real mother's name might be Carol.   This is all I know about "the real me" 
I beg you please, help those of us who are adult adoptees, those of us who are old enough to understand the circumstances of our births, find answers and peace in our search for ourselves.
Thank you,
Katherine B Knott
Female adoptee , 39 years old and ISO birth family.

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