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Empty Spot

In 1955
one little empty cradle--
While raising all our girls,
an empty chair at the table.
Each Valentine Day
a special prayer
sent up to God above
that our firstborn was being raised
in a home of Godly love.
No one could ever see
the hole left in our heart.
No one could feel the pain
of all the years apart.
Yet foremost in our minds--
how to spare this child of ours
the effects of all the anguish
over which we had no power.
A sacrifice was made
but the joy that we had lost,
in passing to another
could help defray the cost.
The years have gone, the child has grown,
now she herself a mother,
but we would never see her
until I lost my brother.
"And now you see", God said to me,
"That she is happy there."
What more should I expect?
There's still the cross to bear.
I must accept things as they are--
how others really feel--
for there is no denying
that all dreams can't be real.
There are some things ne'er understood
and life's not always fair
but even in the darkest hour
there's always hope in prayer.
Kaye Otting
written to my daughter 2002