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A Search For a Brother

"Two things really got me thinking more about the importance of family.  One was that an older brother committed suicide in 1990, and the other was that my mom got a mother's ring with more stones in it than siblings I knew about.  So I started questioning her about it and found out she had 2 other children she gave up for adoption.  At that time, I had quite a busy life.  A career with lots of overtime, 2 children still at home (1 multiple handicapped), as well as taking in my husband's teenage nephew.  So I didn't have much spare time to dedicate to searching for my 2 unknown sibs.
A couple of years later, mom got a call that her adopted daughter was looking for her.  It was grand!  They met first and then eventually us kids also met her.  She's a great sister and we still all try to get together at least a couple times a year even though we live at opposite ends of the state of Wisconsin.  
By 2001, my life was quieting down.  Only 1 teenager left at home and I had quit my job when we moved our family and my husband's business.  I bought a new PC to handle the office side of my husband's business, but it wasn't a full-time job.  So I had time to begin a search using the internet.  I used all sorts of search registries and found quite a number of helpful people to communicate with over email.  Mom helped by signing letters and filling out forms at different agencies I found.  I began to piece things together little by little.  Without the help of Kathy, a search angel (and many others) I'd never have found a contact who had access to the adoption agency files.  Then it was just a matter of her contacting my brother to get permission to be contacted by his mother and his siblings.  And he agreed.  We all met by phone in November and I went out to DC to meet him over New Years.  
My brother had lost his adoptive mother a few years earlier and his adoptive father died in 2003.  Now we are his only family.  I'm so glad I gave him that.  I know he is too, because he's been here to visit 4 times already and in 10 days he is moving to Wisconsin!   Things couldn't have worked out any better."