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I have always deeply loved rain
And only now have I come to understand why

It was my last vision of her
She the light and life of my world, my sun
And I lost in loving orbit about her
She could not give her affection effortlessly
But when she did it rained from her in torrents
And I bathed in it luxuriously

Now we stood in a gentle rain
I looking up at her face in a confused anguish
My tears lost in rain drops
Her face wet with the mingling of moistures
"I promise you, my son," she told me
"I promise you: I'm coming back for you--
I love you"
Then she, and much of my own life and love,
Was lost in myth and mystery

The orphanage became an altar to
my dedication
I would bond with none
In this place of parentless peers they strangely
called a home
And when so-called caretakers took belts
to my back
My resolve hardened with my heart
And when one put out a cigarette on the back
of my hand
A hard knot, harder than my abuse, began to
form within me
And when finally a couple adopted me at 7
I moved into their tiny orphanage
And remained bondless still

Eons later
I return to the rain
And my sad, lost promise
Only now have I come to realize
How much love remains trapped in
that torrent
And how much of it is for her
And for that dreary, desperate life she
tried to lead

Are you waiting
For me
To come
And take you back
To give you life and love?

I am coming

-- Lou Fournier