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I guess I always knew I was adopted. My adoptive mom told me when I was very little. When I was six my adoptive father left us. After that it was just the two of us.  She was the greatest care giver, loving mother I could have asked for.  I couldn't wait to have my own children to give to her, then we would be a real family. An extension of myself. I married at 17 and had two boys. I would also like to add that I was adopted into a very good family. My aunt was the music writer for the Miami Herald, my uncle a professor of art for UM. My great Uncle  owned the Miami Herald in the 1930's.

My mother died when  I was 38yrs old. I was busy raising the boys with my second husband and really didn't have too much time to think about my adoption ( teenagers ) .

When I was about eight I remember reading a letter from an attorney advising my parents to come and get their little baby girl. The letter stated I had been born to a large family. My mother was a house wife and father was an orange grove foreman. They had five children and could not afford another, so the adoption. I believed that for many years. And as I got older It made sense as Eustis ( the city I was born in) was close to the orange grove capital  of  Florida  ( Clermont ).

Fast forward to 1991, Kids are grown and I am on husband number 3 ( husbands are a whole different chapter ) Paul, my husband, was also adopted. We decided to send for our non ID information. I was born in Florida but he had was born in Massachusetts. He received his information ( the original with names blacked out ) and found that they had forgot to black out some names.. What luck, within two hours he had found a brother.  The letter I got from HRS was very condescending. Very little information, just a lot of BULL about how  my mother was very smart and pretty...I think that's when I got MAD. Imagine someone who didn't even know her speaking for her, about her, to me!  I wrote back asking for better information and scolding them for sending such a stupid letter to begin with. I received a much more informative letter from a different person within the Florida HRS. Still not much but I realized the letter I had read so many years ago was bogus. This time the non ID info advises me that my mother was single, that my father was either a politician or merchant marine ( that's an opposite extreme ).

In 1995 my youngest son passed away leaving me with an emptiness I cannot describe. I have rewritten  this paragraph 4 times so far trying to put into words how I felt and how it began to effect my search, for my mother. mother.                

I had very little to go on until I discovered THE INTERNET. It took many searches for this novice until I realized I was a BLACK MARKET BABY. Now many registrations and web sites later, and with the help of many helping hands I know my mothers name and age. I also realize I am lucky, as so many don't even have that much information... Still I long to know more, the questions linger . Is my mother still alive, do I have brothers and sisters ? All questions that could easily be answered if the State of Florida would open their records and  cooperate. After all  THE STATE OF FLORIDA played a very liable roll in knowingly allowing records and documents to be misrepresented . Florida allowed the perpetration of fraud from the 1930"s through the 1970"s.

I have now once again come to a dead end. My mothers maiden name ( LANGLEY ) is a very common name, and 1945 was a very long time ago...But I do know I will never stop trying to find my birth family.

I can only wonder does anyone in my family have red hair, blue eyes, light freckles and sensitive skin ? And a big toe bigger than big?

Nancy Baker Danahy