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This Is My Story

In January 2000 my mother had passed away. December 2000 I was going through her
papers she had in a warehouse and I found a clipping where it said, they had gotten a baby boy from the hospital steps. This made me wonder, were we adopted? So I called a family member and asked them if I was adopted.

The reply I got was all three of us were adopted and everyone thought we knew. I learned at the age 48 that I was adopted, from then on my life has been turn upside down. I really didn't want to believed it, then I made up my mind I would call other relatives and see what they could tell me. What I found out, was everyone thought we knew the secret and they did confirm, that "yes" we were adopted.

My relatives asked me what I was going to do, I told them I was going to try and find my birth family, there were questions I needed answers for, with my adopted parents deceased I can't asked them so I need to search to see what answers I can get. I have wonder if someone was looking for me. Maybe I have siblings, what about Medical History that is important.  I have been in good health so far, but one never knows.

Relatives helped with what information they had. The Internet provided me with  more. I did find out in 2003 my birth mother was deceased, and I was told I had a aunt, so I called my aunt and then she told me about another aunt, this aunt in Wilson N.C. told me I had three other sibling that were given up for adoption in N.C. I telephoned a brother, only to find out he didn't know about me. I found out I was the youngest and I was a big suprise to him. Now, together, we are a family searching for two more siblings, with hopes to find them soon.