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How Adoption Touches Lives

Adoption has a profound impact on the lives of adoptees, birth families and adoptive families.  Lack of family history, medical history, and a blood bond are issues that all adoptees deal with.  Read the personal adoption stories of some of our members.

Dolores, adoptee and "Cole baby"

Jodi, birthmom

Katherine, adoptee

Staci, friend of adoptee

Steph, birthmom

Anne, birthmom

Rob, adoptee

Nancy, black market adoptee

Jennifer A., adoptee

Frances, adoptee

Terry, adoptee

Cee Cee, adoptee

K.B., female birth sibling

Kathy, adoptee and birthmom

Michelle, wife of birthfather

Lori, adoptee

Paula, birthmom

Jennifer, adoptee

Randy, adoptee

Suzy, adoptee

Sara, adoptee

Charlotte, adoptee

Paige, adoptee

Lorae, birthmom

Cindy, adoptee, birthmom, adoptive mom

Eileen, birthmom

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