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Baby girl adopted at birth in Winter Park, Florida

I was a love child or so I was told by my adoptive mother. How my adoptive mother knew all this information is something I will sadly never know as she passed away almost 5 years ago. She had lost three babies, was 40 at the time of my birth and the doctor and nurses felt sorry for her. They gave me to them sort of under the table as my parents were too old at that time to legally adopt me. They did pay for the hospital costs of my birthmother according to my non-id report. I couldn't have hand picked better parents. I was truly blessed to have had them as parents. I was their world as they were mine. Never let someone tell you that blood is thicker, as our love was a special gift and one that bound us together forever.

I was born in Winter Park, Florida at Winter Park Memorial Hospital on April 30, 1959. According to my adoptive mother my birth mother wasn't married. My birth father was seperated from his wife and two young daughters when I was conceived. He and his parents wanted my birth mother to keep me, but my birthmother and her parents decided at the last minute to give me up for adoption. My name at birth was Darlene Gail. My birth mother turned 20 in July of 1959 and my birth father was 29. According to my non-id my birth mother worked at the telephone company and my birth father was a supervisor of a newspaper. My birth mother was an only child as my birth father was from a family of eight. My adoptive mother told me that my birth mothers name was Carol Mullins. I don't know how she got that name. She had it written down and kept it in a special place. My adoptive mother told me from the start that I was adopted and how special I was. I was truly proud to be adopted. My adoptive mother was also adopted and didn't find out until she was 16 and by accident. It truly upset her that her parents had lied and vowed that I would always know the truth.

My adoptive mother always encouraged me to search for my birthmother, but I was so content in my love of my parents that I didn't have any need or desire to search. My adoptive mother wanted to thank my birthmother for giving her such a special gift and I wish that I could have found my birthmother while my adoptive mother was alive. I've been searching now for over four years and have reached a wall due to Florida Laws.  I had some help from the Florida search angels who located a Carol Mullins Robinson who lived in Winter Park Florida with the birthday of July of 1939. I sent a letter, but never heard back. One of the search angels even called her, but said that she had just gotten out of the hospital and sounded vague & confused.  I haven't really searched any more after that. It took the wind from my sail. All I wanted was to thank her and tell her that I had a wonderful life. I wanted to do the same with my birth father, but have even less info on him.

Both of my parents are deceased now and as an only child you approach things differently. Thank heavens for my two children and husband. They are my rock.

I wish you the best in finding some way to open the birth records of adoptive children in Florida. I now live in Tennessee and they have opened their records. I think it is only right to do so.

Suzy Geyer